Ancient cave paintings

The Ultimate Historical Timeline of Mechanical Lubrication

You may not realize it, but the use of mechanical lubricants has shaped our society from ancient times to the modern day. But what makes these types of lubricants so important? Lubricants do much more than just make things slippery. A lubricant is…

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man in a suit with a leaf tie with grass behind him

How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

In 2014, 55% of consumers from 60 countries said they’d pay more for products from environmentally-conscious companies. Now is the perfect time to become an eco-friendly business. But how can companies go green? The options are increasing all the…

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dirty machine that needs lubrication and cleaning

Well-Oiled Machine: Why Machine Lubrication is Necessary

Are your machines breaking down sooner than they should? Are the moving parts wearing themselves down faster than you can replace them? It's a good possibility you have a problem with your machines lubrication. Without proper oil or grease, your…

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wiping a gun clean

The Problem with “CLP-Type” Gun Lubricants

You remember what your mother or father once told you: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is... Which today, ladies and gentlemen, leads us to opine on the value of so-called, "CLP" gun treatments. The letters C-L-P stand for, "Clean,"…

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factory worker using a saw

Choosing the Best Industrial Lubricant for Your Application

As industrial machines become more sophisticated and tech-savvy by the day, manufacturers are changing their tactics. To improve performance, reduce downtime and meet customer demands, they're pushing their systems to greater limits than ever…

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industrial factory machines

How to Control Contamination in Machine Lubricants Systems

When you invest in new machine lubricants, you do your best to keep your machines as clean as possible. Industrial manufacturers know that it doesn't take long for equipment to become grimy, dirty and full of debris. If left untreated, the result is…

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tube of tw25b and a gun

Top 55 Popular Gun Greases & Lubricants: Which is Best for You?

Well, here it is, the list of all lists you’ve been patiently waiting for. The one you may not have even known you needed, but now you have it and can’t live without it. All joking aside, we are honest about gun greases, but we of course favor our…

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marines holding mil-comm products

A Soldier’s Best Friend: MIL-COMM Products

We recently received a picture of soldiers in their uniforms holding up none other than MIL-COMM TW25B®. There was a note attached thanking us for keeping them alive because their guns did not fail them, did not jam up on the battlefield. We were…

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machine gears

The True Cost Behind Poor Lubrication

Did you know that companies spend nearly $60 billion worldwide on commercial lubricants, including high-performance oils? Yet multiple billions are still lost each year because of excessive friction on commercial and industrial machinery.…

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Disassembled gun parts and cleaning tools.

Grease Can be Good or Bad for Your Firearm

Thinking of using grease to lubricate your guns but fear gumming them up by doing so? Doesn't grease usually clog things up? Attract dirt and firing debris? Depends on the grease, and how thick a coating is applied. TW25B® is a very thin, light,…

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Male spraying cleaning solution in gun.

Gun Grease or Gun Oil?

A favorite gun cleaning point of debate: use gun grease or gun oil for best results? Gun greases and gun oils both work decently as lubricants for firearms, and many gun owners swear by one or the other, with rare agreement on both. In either case,…

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mil-comm gun cleaning kit

The Truth About Gun Cleaning Kits

Welcome back, amigos. Gun care kits. Today we consider their makeup, efficacy and real versus perceived value. There have been SO many gun cleaning kits on the market over the years, mainly originating from some of the historically biggest brand…

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Person with gun at a shooting range

Pistol Shooting: Increase Accuracy with Proper Lubrication

Guy goes into buy a new German-engineered car, spends a lot of dough. then ignores the manufacturer’s basic maintenance procedures. What’s he thinking? If the same guy also spends time pistol shooting, odds are he’s being equally dumb about getting…

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shooting a revolver

How To Clean a Handgun

After shooting a handgun, whether it be a revolver handgun or a semi-automatic, cleaning a gun is not difficult if you start with the right gun cleaner and gun lubricant grease or oil. In fact, YOU can actually clean a gun better than most…

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gun taken apart with stray bullets

Less Cleaning. More Shooting.

Less Cleaning, More Shooting? Really? Hello, again, patriots and parrotheads. For many years, when asked, "what's so great about TW25B synthetic gun grease and MC2500 synthetic gun oil?", we stammer and hesitate -- because there are so many…

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soldiers walking through a dusty battlefield

Gun Cleaning 101: Keeping Sand Off Guns

We're often asked to recommend the most effective cleaner or maintenance procedure for removing sand and dirt from working gun parts. Before we divulge the possibly surprising answer, consider what a bunch of Marines told us at Camp Lejeune, North…

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cop reaching for handgun in holster

How to Keep Firearms in Fire-Ready Condition

Not everyone does a great job keeping their guns in good working order while storing them for future use. Check out this real-life occurrence: Steve Schultz, Shooting Sports Editor for Texas Fish & Game magazine, was working in his garden late…

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solider walking through snow

Bad Weather Vs. Good Guns

It's 19 degrees outside this morning as your faithful Blog Editor stirs his coffee and tries to warm his frosty toes by the space heater. Which brings to mind an email we received the week before last from a long-time user of MIL-COMM extreme…

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Using a brush to clean a rifle.

Gun Cleaning Evolution

For too many years, and for too many firearm owners, cleaning was about using toxic chemicals with noxious fumes, applied by aggressively scrubbing metal surfaces with damaging bronze brushes, and alike. The end result was the need to repeat the…

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equipment to clean a gun

How Good is Your Gun Lube?

How Good is Your Gun Lube? It's been said that the making and selling of gun care lubricants and cleaners is a snake oil business -- like the old-time medicine shows, everybody's got a story to tell...everybody makes claims about being the best, the…

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