Less Cleaning, More Shooting? Really?

Hello, again, patriots and parrotheads.

For many years, when asked, “what’s so great about TW25B synthetic gun grease and MC2500 synthetic gun oil?”, we stammer and hesitate — because there are so many performance features that distinguish our highly engineered lubricants from others. Like heavy-load-bearing and extreme pressure strength. Like anti-corrosion protection. Like extreme cold temperature (-90 degrees tolerance) and heat (+450 degrees) performance. Like their resistance to sand, dirt, dust, debris and water. Like the superb protective barrier the grease provides for long-term storage. We could go on, sisters and brothers!

Then we exhale…take a step back…and think…hmmm…why do WE ourselves, in our own lives, love using the gun lubricants of the NRA Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM? And the answer is, as we’ve been telling folks for years and years, in a nutshell, write this down — LESS CLEANING AND MORE SHOOTING.

It may sound like just another decent marketing slogan, but in the case of our synthetic gun cleaning lubes, it’s the gosh darn truth. And WHY it’s true might be of passing interest to you.

The bore and barrel of any firearm is, of course, a forged metal surface. If you could see the bore metal under a microscope, you’d see its sandpaper-like surface, a friction field for the projectile — and a very porous surface to keep lubricated. Most gun lubes sit topically on the metal and are quickly “sacrificed” during the firing event. They do a little decent lubricating at first, but get splashed off rather quickly.

Now imagine that same metal surface treated with millions of micro-particles, ten times smaller than the pores of the metal if you could view it under a microscope. Millions of little bee-bees spread into the metal itself. That’s the first good thing that happens using NRA Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM’s TW25B synthetic grease as a bore treatment. The second good thing is how well and how long our gun grease stays in place. That part took years to figure out, a lot of testing and re-testing many blends of various synthetic oils. Our chief chemist and gun care guru, John, finally got the combination of synthetic oils he’d been searching for — and it’s that unique blend of synthetic oils that keeps the micro-particles suspended in the metal for prolonged periods of time.

Instead of splashing off during the firing event, the micro-particles of TW25B gun lube actually get packed in tighter for a time. And the consequence of that: LESS CLEANING AND MORE SHOOTING. For this reason: because the bore metal has been treated microscopically, “filled in” the way RAINEX makes glass impervious, the FIRING DEBRIS that normally burns onto the metal and collects in the barrel can’t get to the metal footholds the way debris customarily accumulates in a gun.

It’s a little like the difference between cooking an egg in an iron frying pan versus a teflon frying pan. Stuff can’t stick the way it likes to!  After treating the bore of any firearm with NRA Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM’s TW25B synthetic gun grease, notice the difference the first time you think it’s time to clean your gun. The very little debris that you might see there (chances are you’ll see none at all) can typically be wiped off with a cotton cloth. Heavy cleaning not needed!  You should get six times more rounds from your gun — or more — before basic cleaning, simply by super-lubricating the metal with TW25B gun lube.


Now others have studied our formulations and unique chemistry and brought to market some copycat products. Problem for them is that our micro-particles and synthetic oils are custom-engineered, impossible to duplicate…different science working here. Which is why all branches of the U.S. Military, more than 20 U.S. Allied Forces, leading Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies — and precision firearms manufacturer SIG SAUER — use or specify TW25B synthetic gun lube and its derivative formulations.

Final word today, fellow patriots: the same chemistry works wonders on all the friction and wear parts of your firearms — slides, rails … anything that goes squeak or bang.

Thanks for checking in with us today. We hope you’ll take a look at our past and future posts.