Did you know that companies spend nearly $60 billion worldwide on commercial lubricants, including high-performance oils? Yet multiple billions are still lost each year because of excessive friction on commercial and industrial machinery.

Fortunately, MIL-COMM metal treatment formulations and greases significantly reduce friction and associated degradation in performance. Our team of lubrication scientists strategically engineer, manufacture and market specialty formulations designed to work in the harshest operating environments under stress. Over two decades of development and testing have created best-of-breed, superior-performing products built with proprietary technology and custom-engineered base materials.

MIL-COMM products outperform traditional hydrocarbon lubricants, lasting 6-10 times longer. They also lead to increased the life of your equipment by reducing friction between materials. Our product formulations can be used on anything that slides, turns or has close tolerances under the harshest conditions.

Our flagship product offerings include; TW25B® synthetic light grease, MC1210 heavy duty grease, LOCK SAVER® all-purpose aerosol lube, and MC25 all-green industrial cleaner. They each help make the entire mechanical maintenance process easier, cheaper and more effective in the long-term.

We are proud to be a leading supplier of extreme performance lubricants to military forces in 25 countries, including the U.S. Military and U.S. allied forces worldwide. Our company is a global provider of extreme performance lubricants and cleaners for critical industrial, manufacturing, military and consumer applications.

Use MIL-COMM products in any environment… when machine failure is not an option. Use our anti-friction metal treatments (AFMT) to increase the return on investment of your capital expenditures.

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