Thinking of using grease to lubricate your guns but fear gumming them up by doing so? Doesn’t grease usually clog things up? Attract dirt and firing debris?

Depends on the grease, and how thick a coating is applied.

TW25B® is a very thin, light, fully synthetic grease, the consistency of cold cream, that never gums up. It contains NO petroleum which is what ages in a lubricant product and eventually turns to a tacky, gummy, problematic coating.

TW25B® was originally developed as an extreme pressure Gatling gun and machine gun lubricant that works very well even in micro-thin layers that set up nearly dry and very smooth on the parts. A coating of TW25B® lubricating light grease greatly resists powder residue, sand, dust and debris adhesion and build-up and also repels water.

fully loaded machine gun

Think of it as “Rainex for gun metal”… first filling in the rough metal pores to significantly smooth the surface, then working with great reliability in a very thin top coating or “Hydro-dynamic barrier” of lubricant film that powerfully resists debris-attachment.

The result is that the weapon stays much cleaner for much longer, and the minimal debris that does rest on the surfaces can be easily wiped off… sort of like the difference between removing two fried eggs from a Teflon® coated versus cast iron frying pan.

Synthetic grease like TW25B stays in place on the metal — and IN the metal — longer than OIL lubricants, which wear off more quickly. Choose the right grease lubricant and you will immediately notice that you’re getting a lot more rounds, with a lot less cleaning.

Use a good, PH-balanced gun cleaner like MC25 to prepare the metal … polish in a high-quality synthetic gun grease, and you will have a firearm ready to perform at its optimal best. More times than not, for any metal parts you can reach, grease is the word.

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