Dirt, Debris and Grease Are No Match for Our Powerful Enzymatic All-Green Cleaner

MC25® is an industry leading, bio-based purification agent that is both powerfully-acting and environmentally friendly. Engineered with naturally occurring organisms, MC25® cleans and detoxifies equipment and work sites for efficient maintenance and healthier spaces.

All-Green Formula • Biodegradable

Next-generation cleaning product engineered to simplify the cleaning and maintenance of firearm suppressors, barrel extensions and other gun parts with unique, microbial, biodegradable active agents safe for personal use and safe for the environment.

MC25® Technical Specifications

MC25® is a next-generation cleaning solution used on heavy armaments and ideal for shop and factory heavy cleaning maintenance.  Efficiently cleans all metal and composite parts. Double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning action. Also effective as a bioremediation agent to remove or neutralize certain pollutants from a contaminated site.
MC25® is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable, water-based high performance product that contains no harmful solvents.
Ultrasonic and power wash systems: 5-to-1 water-to-cleaner ratio.

A cleaning solution that is good for the environment.

Whether you are cleaning a tank or machine parts, the dirty water run off can pose problems for the environment. When you use MC25®, it is effective as a bioremediation agent that removes or neutralizes certain pollutants from a contaminated site.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Non-polluting powerful cleaner
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Dissolves dirt, baked-on carbon and organic residue
  • Virtually odorless cleaning solution

  • Eliminates toxic cleaning agents from the waste-stream
  • No costly abatement-disposal or clean-up needed
  • Non-abrasive cleaning action safeguards surfaces, parts and equipment

MC75® - A derivative of the MC25® series

MIL-COMM’s MC25® bio-based cleaning series includes our advanced MC75® formulation – a uniquely engineered, microbial cleaning agent ideal for heavy equipment and oil/gas contamination abatement.

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