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TW25B® synthetic grease significantly reduces friction and wear on all working parts, penetrating metal surfaces and leaving a semi-dry film coating for smooth functioning and extended life of metal parts. Ideal viscosity and durability for large wear surfaces, weaponry and gun parts, fast-moving gears, tightly fitted parts, valves, cables, bolt threads, hinges, doors, conveyors… wherever reliable, long-lasting performance is critical. Tested and used by all branches of the U.S. military and by major manufacturers. All-synthetic, used safely worldwide since 1987.

How is TW25B® Different Than Other Synthetic Lubricants?

No matter how smooth a metal surface might feel, there are imperfections and microfractures on the surface of all metals. Our anti-friction metal treatment (AFMT) technology can be applied to any metal.  This technology deeply penetrates the surface, filling the micropores and bonding to the metal to perfect and protect. 

High Magnification Steel Cross Section

Steel sample after friction at 2 mm/min.

TW25B® Technical Specifications

TW25B® is a synthetic light grease engineered for long-lasting lubrication protection and extreme pressure, heavy-load applications (for more extreme heavy load applications also see MIL-COMM’s MC1210® Heavy Grease). TW25B® reduces friction and wear on all working parts, penetrates metal surfaces and leaves a semi-dry film coating for smooth function and extended life of metal parts. Resists wash-off, wear-off.
Temperature range: – 90°F (- 67°C) to +450°F (+232°C)

Key Performance Benefits

  • Longest lasting lubricity
  • Moving parts run smoother and cooler
  • Extend life of parts
  • Systems last longer, lowers system logistics costs
  • Contributes to reduced maintenance frequency and downtime
  • Durable coating, protects parts from water, rust or corrosion
  • Broad-range extreme-temperature performance
  • Low-temperature dependability down to -90° F (-67° C)
  • High-temperature performance up to +450° F (+232° C)
  • No gumming, no slowing down, no freezing
  • NLGI Grade 1 Synthetic Grease
  • Exceeds all NLGI GC-LB, and ASTM test standards Non-Hazardous
  • Used safely worldwide since 1987

For a Broad Range of Applications TW25B® Comes in Different Viscosities

  • TW25B® Light Grease
  • TW25B® External Pressure (EP) Spray-On Lubricant
  • MC2500® (TW25B® Series synthetic oil) pumpable and pourable
  • MC3000® (TW25B® Series semi-fluid lubricant) pumpable and pourable

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