For Heavy-Load Machine Parts and Equipment

MC1210® Heavy Grease is an NLGI “Grade 2,” lithium-based, extreme duty grease that is impervious to water and corrosion and has ideal viscosity and durability for parts under heavy pressure and under high load or stress.

MC1210® contains Mil-Comm’s legendary TW25B® lubricant as a core product component. It delivers outstanding performance for extreme pressure and heavy load-carrying machines or equipment. Its anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties have also qualified MC1210® for use aboard U.S. Navy warships.

Our heavy duty lubricant extends the life of parts and reduces the frequency of necessary maintenance. Parts run smoother and last longer in the harshest operating conditions

MC1210® Technical Specifications

MC1210® is engineered to meet the harsh conditions of the most extreme operating environments and the extreme stress applications of military hardware. Ideal viscosity and durability for parts under heavy pressure and under high load or stress, impervious to water and corrosion. U.S. Military-Grade lubrication technology used worldwide.
Temperature range: – 40°F (- 40°C) to +385°F (+196°C)

Key Performance Benefits

  • Long-lasting lubricity
  • Parts run smoother and cooler
  • Extends life of machine parts or equipment
  • Reduces required maintenance frequency
  • Forms a physical barrier water can’t penetrate
  • Durable coating and prevent parts from rusting
  • Low-temperature dependability down to -40° F (-40° C)
  • High-temperature performance up to +385° F (+196° C)
  • No gumming, no slowing down, no freezing
  • Anti-wear capabilities under high load and severe shock
  • NLGI Grade 2 Lithium-based grease
  • Exceeds all NLGI GC-LB, and ASTM test standards

For commercial and industrial applications
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