Your guns are an investment, treat them like one with the best lubricant on the market.

While there are dozens of lubricants on the market, why do people continue to choose TW25B®? We ensure firing reliability in extreme heat and cold (-90 F to +450 C), in heavily corrosive environments, under heavy load and extreme pressure, in desert sand and dust conditions, in all climates at all altitudes and temperatures. Our product is the longest lasting gun lubricant on the market, and we have live-fire trials and laboratory testing to prove it. TW25B® enables firing of 6 to 10 times more rounds between cleanings while using a fraction of our lubricant when compared to other products.

Your guns are in good hands with our gun greases and cleaners

We are obsessed with innovating anti-friction metal treatment solutions, which you will see and appreciate when using our products. Our team maintains rigorous production practices that satisfy U.S. military requirements for quality and reliability. MIL-COMM formulations are unique in all the world, engineered to be the best lubricants and cleaners for every type of firearm and every variety of sophisticated weaponry. You should also know that our products have been used safely worldwide since 1987.

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Additional Common Uses for Our Products

While TW25B® and its derivative formulations were originally invented for military use, Mil-Comm lubricants and cleaners like MC25® have been widely adopted in a broad range of sport applications, such as fishing reels, boating hardware, knives…basically anything you want to lubricate or protect from excessive friction, wear, rust or corrosion.

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It's Impossible to Lubricate Dirty Equipment, We've Got You Covered.

In order for our products to properly penetrate metal surfaces at the nanoparticle level, your equipment must be free from dirt and debris. Our next-generation cleaning solution efficiently cleans all metal and composite parts. As a double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning product, we guarantee your metals surfaces will be clean.