Engineered Specialty Lubricants To Protect Your Investments

We understand that industrial machinery requires a huge investment and every minute of downtime represents lost revenue. Our metal treatment compounds respect that investment. Our products not only super-lubricate, protect and clean metal parts, they also reduce maintenance and increase efficiency.

Trusted by companies who understand performance.

Our History of Excellence

Originally, engineered for U.S. Military heavy weapon systems requiring the ultimate in heavy load, extreme pressure, anti-corrosion and extreme temperature performance. MIL-COMM lubricants and cleaners are now available for your machines and equipment. Our products fight against friction and equipment failure — proven to significantly outlast and outperform traditional commercial lubricants – delivering quality improvements and cost savings to your business. All our products are environmentally friendly for manufacturing and maintenance.

Specialty Lubricants Benefits:

  • Reduce friction and maximize machine efficiency
  • Improve durability and extend the life of your machinery
  • Reduce maintenance downtime
  • Save electricity, fuel and energy costs
  • Lubricate and clean using environmentally friendly products
  • Increase your machinery return on investment


Metal Treatment Lubrication Technology All-Purpose Light Grease

Key Performance Benefits

TW25B® synthetic grease significantly reduces friction and wear on all working parts, penetrating metal surfaces and leaving a semi-dry film coating for smooth functioning and extended life of metal parts. Ideal viscosity and durability for large wear surfaces, fast-moving gears, tightly fitted parts, valves, cables, bolt threads, hinges, doors, conveyors… wherever reliable, long-lasting performance is critical. Tested and used by all branches of the U.S. military and by major manufacturers. All-synthetic, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.


Available in a broad range of applications, TW25B is also offered in lighter and more fluid viscosities – Lock Saver (TW25B® EP Spray-On Lubricant), MC2500® synthetic oil and MC3000® synthetic semi-fluid lubricant, which are pump-able and pourable metal treatment formulations.


Metal Treatment Lubrication Technology for Heavy-load Machine Parts and Equipment Heavy Duty Grease

Key Performance Benefits

Engineered to meet the harsh conditions of the most extreme operating environments and the extreme stress applications of machinery and equipment. Ideal viscosity and durability for parts under heavy pressure and high load or stress, impervious to water and corrosion.


Powerful Enzymatic All-Green Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser

Key Performance Benefits

A next-generation cleaning solution used on heavy armaments and ideal for shop and factory heavy cleaning maintenance. Efficiently cleans all metal and composite parts. Double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning action. Also effective as a bioremediation agent to remove or neutralize certain pollutants from a contaminated site. MC25® is a non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable, water-based high performance product that contains no harmful solvents. Ultrasonic and power wash systems: 5-to-1 water-to-cleaner ratio.