Welcome, MIL-COMM Customers and Defense Industry Friends

We invite you to read about a recent health safety claim made about our products that are simply false claims.    

A group of inexperienced civilian employees working for the Armament Sustainment Division of Robins Air Force Base have published a purported “scientific study” claiming that poisonous HF gas is emitted when our lubricants are used at high temperature.

The claim is not only untrue – it is scientifically impossible.

The Air Force “study” amounts to nothing more than “voodoo” science – a bungled research project based on false assumptions, incorrect testing, bogus conclusions that produced scientifically invalid results – conducted over a period of 18 months at enormous expense to American taxpayers.      

The product being maligned – TW25B synthetic grease – has been used safely at extreme temperatures worldwide for more than 20 years. There has never been an incidence of illness or ill effect associated with the use of TW25B.          

Our company has spent more than a year seeking the cooperation of AFMC/EBR at Robins Air Force Base – providing them with scientifically correct information about our products and requesting that the people responsible for publishing false information about our products issue a retraction. The Robins group has refused to do so – and, in fact, has continued to malign our products and damage our company.


Who benefits from discontinuing the use of advanced metal treatment materials that have been the lifeblood of the F-16 M61A1 platform for more than 15 years?

Why is AFMC/EBR staff at Robins so intent on destroying the reputation of our products?

Why is AFMC/EBR staff so invested in developing alternative products?  Work that is entirely unnecessary, at further taxpayer expense.    

Whatever became of accountability in the United States Air Force?  

We urge you to read our official statement on this matter and contact us for more information.



September 14, 2017

Thank you to our many friends that have continued to value our scientific information and remained supportive of our effort to correct a false report issued last September focused on one of our best-performing and most valued products worldwide: TW25B® synthetic grease for weaponry. It was falsely reported within our community that TW25B® had been shown to emit HF gas when used at high temperature.  

I am reaching out to you again because MIL-COMM has very important additional information to share with members of the gun engineering and armaments maintenance communities.

Attached is newly published SDS for MIL-COMM’s TW25B® synthetic grease and MC3000® semi-fluid lubricant – SDS documentation just issued by the R.J. Lee Group.

In the newly published SDS for TW25B® and MC3000® the Lee Group has determined that HF cannot be emitted by our products at any temperature, no matter how high the temperature. 

From the beginning there has been a misunderstanding between the behavior of INGREDIENTS and the behavior of a COMPOUND.

While pure PTFE can degrade at extreme temperatures to a degree that might cause HF to be emitted, that becomes impossible when fluorine becomes inextricably bound to chemical concentrations of the kind found in TW25B® (the COMPOUND).  And that is why, for more than 20 years, there has never been an incidence of illness or ill-effect caused by TW25B® or MC3000® generating HF – it never happens. Molecular compounds behave very differently from their constituent parts – while hydrogen is highly combustible and oxygen is explosive, together they form water which cannot be inhaled or burned and is used to extinguish fire.

For our previously published SDS documentation, MIL-COMM followed industry standards, reporting hazard possibilities based on theoretical possibilities found in scientific literature, an extremely wide net. But OSHA allows for further evidence to be factored in when assessing possible health safety issues in a given product. Actual laboratory testing and analysis that refutes a theoretical claim settles the science and satisfies OSHA standards for reporting. That is what the Lee Group work has provided us and all of you: conclusive proof that there is no HF issue associated with our products

The data and statements contained within the SDS attached are the product of extensive research, testing and analysis performed by the Lee Group this year. As you may recall, the Lee Group is one of the country’s foremost laboratory testing and forensic evidentiary reporting organizations -- which means that the Lee Group will not publish information unless its scientists and attorneys are entirely confident that the information can withstand all scientific and legal scrutiny and prevail in a court of law. And you may recall that the Lee Group’s customers have included the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Energy Department/Nuclear Sites Supervision, U.S. Department of Defense and many other government and industry organizations.  

We hope and trust that you will make immediate use of the scientifically validated information we are now providing and that, to the extent this involves your areas of responsibility, that you will take all appropriate action.

It was the U.S. Air Force -- in extensive and costly qualifying testing -- that determined TW25B® to be the lubricating material that best optimizes the performance and reliability of the 20 mm M61 platform.   

There is every reason to continue the use of MIL-COMM’s TW25B® synthetic grease, now knowing that the test report claiming a possible safety issue from HF emissions was an entirely false alarm. 

TW25B® (and it’s semi-liquid variant, MC3000®) can be used safely on any gun part at any temperature – and its performance for load-carrying, extreme pressure, heavy corrosion and extreme temperature conditions has never come close to being matched by any other lubricant formulation. 

I hope you will join many others in our military branches and in defense manufacturing companies that have never waivered in their uninterrupted use of TW25B® and their belief in the product’s critical value to the reliable performance of heavy weaponry. The product’s bona fides were once again proven this past June in testing by the Army at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. 

This information is being provided to the AFMC/EBR armaments sustainment division at Robins Air Force Base this morning.

Thank you again for the many expressions of support in what has been a very challenging year for our Company.

Very truly yours,
Charles R. Furlong
President & CEO


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