MC2500 Gun Oil and Lubricant Protectant 2-Ounce Spray Bottle

  • USED BY U.S. SPECIAL FORCES WORLDWIDE: TW25B is uniquely engineered, made in America and is used by U.S. Special Forces.
  • SUPER LUBRICATION and PROTECTION: Preferred lubricant on heavy weaponry, AR’s, all firearms, shotguns and handguns while protecting wear parts and bore.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE and REDUCED MAINTENANCE: Ensures firing reliability in extreme temperature conditions ( -90°F (-67°C) to +450°F (232°C) and is the most durable extreme performance lubricant available.
  • LOWEST COST GUN LUBE PER APPLICATION: Our product is the longest lasting gun lubricant on the market. Live-fire trials and laboratory testing have shown MC2500 (TW25B Gun Oil) enables firing of 6 to 10 more rounds between cleanings while using a fraction of our lubricant when compared to other products.
  • USED: With complete safety worldwide since 1987

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Our Gun Grease and Gun Oil Lubricants Are Battlefield Tested & Used By U.S. Special Forces Worldwide

Our gun lubricants are used by all branches of the U.S. military worldwide and by U.S. Special Forces because they work in some of the world’s toughest conditions. Whether you are storing your guns and firearms or regularly using them in harsh conditions, our product will out perform your expectations.

The Science of Gun Care – Tested and optimized to improve firing performance

Say no to petroleum distillate lubricants and go 100% synthetic. Our synthetic gun greases and other lubricants are engineered to optimize the performance and reliability of your firearms. TW25B gun oil and its derivatives work exceptionally well under extreme temperature conditions, performing well in ranges from -90°F (-67°C) to +450°F (232°C).

Less Greasing & Maintaining, More Shooting

When you use Mil-Comm products, your guns and firearms will outperform any other product on the market. Use a small amount of TW25B, rub in until the white color disappears and that is it. Let it rip!

Mil-Comm Gun Care Products For Your Firearms

Synthetic Gun Oil – MC2500

The exceptional performance of MC2500 (TW25B Oil) has made this weaponry lubricant the choice of law enforcement officers and firearms manufacturers. Our easy-to-apply oil is unparalleled in extreme pressure and heavy load bearing scenarios.

Synthetic Gun Grease – TW25B

Our light and synthetic gun grease, TW25B, can be used on heavy weaponry, AR’s, all firearms, shotguns, and handguns. It conveniently helps reduce friction and protect your gun parts in the long run!

Powerful Gun Cleaner – MC25

Mil-Comm MC25 Cleaner is a next-generation cleaning solution used on heavy armaments and ideal for shop and factory cleaning. This extreme degreaser effectively cleans all metal and composite parts!

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