It has been said that too much lubrication can cause your gun to jam or misfire.

Over-lubrication can allegedly clog a gun up even worse than it already is since grease lubricants attract more dirt and firing debris.

Fortunately for gun aficionados, we believe both of these statements to be an urban legend.

The truth is, it all depends on the grease, and how thick a coating is applied.

Don’t believe us?

Our friends at Dillon Aero certainly do…

Firing a Dillon Aero M134 Minigun

DISCLAIMER: The above video, which depicts the firing of an M134 minigun in sand conditions, was produced by U.S. armaments manufacturer Dillon Aero without any involvement from us.

To begin, they applied six tubes of TW25B® (consumer note: in reality, one tube would do the trick).

The minigun proceeds to fire without a hitch.

Urban legend #1, debunked. 

If you skip ahead to the 2 minute and 45-second mark, the Dillon engineers deposit a vial of desert sand into the gun’s firing mechanism.

Already lubricated with MIL-COMM’s TW25B®, there were no firing issues, even with sand added directly into the gun.

Urban legend #2, debunked.

If you watch till the end, they discuss the proper way to apply TW25B® to an M134 Minigun:

  • Make sure there is a sufficient amount of lubricant on all six removable tracks and bolt assemblies
  • The bolts and tracks should have lubricant reapplied ever two cans of ammunition

MIL-COMM TW25B® Synthetic Grease

MIL-COMM TW25B® is a thin, light and fully-synthetic grease.

Our flagship product has the consistency of cold cream and NEVER gums up.

It contains NO product-aging petroleum, which is what turns a lubricant into a sticky coating after excessive use.

Originally developed as an extreme pressure Gatling gun and machine gun lubricant, TW25B® performs well in smooth, nearly dry, micro-thin layers on all moving gun parts.

Even a small coating of TW25B® lubricating light grease resists the following:

  • Powder residue
  • Sand clogging
  • Dust adhesion
  • Debris build-up
  • Water repellant

Any minimal amounts of debris that does fall on surfaces can be easily wiped off.

Thank you to Dillon Aero for testing and recommending TW25B®!

If you have any questions about using our lubricants on specific gun products, please contact us by filling out our form.